Casting Call, London (UK)

Saturday 18th May
Starts 15.00

64 Bolina Rd (Underpass), London, SE16 2ST
map link:

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Blockbuster, 2019

performance, London (UK)



London (UK)


don't shoot the messenger, 2018

HD video with sound, 14'57"mins


Elephant in the Room, 2018

performance, London (UK)


OPEN, 2018

performance, London (UK)


don't shoot the messenger, 2017

performance (live), "Capital 'I'" solo exhibition, Bede House, London (UK)


Stage Fright, 2017

29.7 x 42cm
Ink, acid-free cartridge, newsprint
Edition of 28 plus 2 APs


This isn't an audition, this is a conversation, 2017

performance, "Doubt" group exhibition, 29 Percy St, London (UK)


Somehow you came here because you want out, 2016

performance, Block Universe Festival 2016, Gridiron Building, London (UK)

Photography by Arron Leppard


Performance in collaboration with David Harrison, 2016

David Harrison presents Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Cubitt, London (UK)


Untitled, 2016

collage, newsprint, marker, pencil - 180 X 100 cm


You want a show, I'll give you a show, 2016

performance, Glasgow International, Salon Sebastian Monteux, Glasgow (UK)


don't shoot the messenger (1), 2014

Installation views and detail, solo show, Otje basements, Rotterdam (NL)


If You Don't Take Advantage Of This Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later., 2016

HD video with sound, 10'17"mins


So, you're here for direction? Again?, 2015

performance, Laff Box, group show, Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam (NL)


Platoon, 2015

performance, Flat i, London (UK)


So, you're here for direction?, 2015

performance, Rhythm of Thought Programme, Performance as Publishing,
Whitechapel Gallery, London (UK)


Ride or Die, 2015

performance for Wolfart's The Ride programme during Art Rotterdam (NL)


Tiket to a Scam Artist, 2015

HD video with sound, 13'20mins


Honey, this IS your opening, 2015

performance, Currency Conversions, solo show, Galerie Gallery, Rotterdam (NL)


Boomerang, 2014

Installation, Kairos Times group show, TENT, Rotterdam (NL)


Episode, 2015

performance, Cutting Leaves for the Dogs, group show, A Tale Of A Tub, Rotterdam (NL)


CityLightLifeFight, 2015

performance for off the A12, Flat Deux, Balfron Tower, London (UK)


Script to a Mountain, 2014

performance, Banff, Alberta (CA)


Hi, 2015

HD video with sound, 25sec loop


Risotto Run, 2014

installation, Piet Zwart Project Space, Rotterdam (NL)


Freestyle, 2013

HD video with sound, 10'46"mins


Deuce, 2014

HD video with sound, 11mins


Standard Reach - solo show, 2014

PZI Project Space, Rotterdam (NL)


One on One, 2013